Mark Zuckerberg Struggle and Success Story

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Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984, and grew up in nearby Dobbs Ferry. His parents, Edward Zuckerberg, is a dentist, and his mother, Karen Zuckerberg, is a psychiatrist. Mark got interested in computer programming at an early stage. His father taught him Atari Basic and then hired developer David Newman to give his son lessons.

Mark Zuckerberg created a messaging program which he called “Zucknet.” He implemented inter-office communication, which allowed computers to connect and transfer messages between house and dental office. The messenger communicates by Ping, which is the primitive version of AOL’s instant messenger.

Mark also enjoyed developing games and communication tools such as the computer version of Monopoly. Being at high school for his senior project at Exeter, Zuckerberg wrote an artificially intelligent music player called the Synapse that carefully studied the user’s listening habits and recommended other music. He posted it online, Microsoft, AOL wanted to acquire it, but he turned them down and enrolled at Harvard University in September 2002.

Mark studied computer science at Harvard University. He had gained the best reputation as a programming prodigy. Then he wrote a program that he called CourseMatch, which helped the students to make class selection decisions on the basis of lists of courses from other users and also to help them form study groups. He also invented Facemash, which aims to find out the most attractive person on the campus. He wrote a program that randomly selected two pictures of the people and put them next to each other. The visitors of the site choose “who is hotter”? The software compiled and ranked the result. It was an astounding success, but the college shut it down because its popularity bogged down the network at Harward; many students complained that their pictures were used without their permission; it was offensive to people on campus. Zuckerberg ended the project and apologized publicly.

Zuckerberg partnered with friends to create a social networking site that brings social experience to the internet. They wanted to create an environment where college students can share photos, links, and other personnel information. Zuckerberg’s friends at Harvard included Chris Huges, Billy Olson, Dustin Moskovitz, the conversation that occurred among them enhanced ideas. The task of Mark Zuckerberg includes creating the best source code which allows the system to work.

February 04, 2004, Mark Zuckerberg registered the domain, which is known as However, an application is intended to function only within Harvard. Zuckerberg and his friend Dustin Moskovitz realized that there were already many registered users on Facebook, and they decided to spread it to other schools at Yale, Stanford, Columbia University, New York University, University of Pennsylvania. Zuckerberg and some other friends moved to Palo Alto, California, in Silicon Valley, where they set up a small office. After that, Mark met with Peter Thiel, who agreed to invest in the company. They also turned down offers by major corporations. For Mark Zuckerberg and his friends, the most important thing is to create free flow information for people.

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