5 top Chrome Extensions for work-at-home

It’s not easy to work from home; during the ongoing pandemic, workers are sent to the house, and they start working remotely. Possibly for the first time, offices are shifted to home, and some people face struggle while some get used to it. There are some everyday struggles that people face during work remotely. When people work, they may struggle to be productive because they can easily be distracted by nearby people or pets. When you have no geographical division for work, working from bed or sofa gives you a sense of relaxation, you should set separate dedicated space for office work, which helps you to concentrate on work.

The other issue is time management and how you should structure your day. If you don’t set the time, you may waste your time. You should develop your routine, manage your time, and organize your work, which helps you to stay focused. If you set the dedicated space and set the time still, it is difficult to maintain a balance between personal life and professional life because your family doesn’t hesitate to disturb you. But try to limit conversation with your family and remove distractions around your workplace, which helps you to get your work done. Working from home means you are truly independent; you have no direction, which leads to confusion because guidance is essential to stay on track.

You should maintain close communication with your leader to discuss projects, challenges in the project, and discuss everything which helps you to get better feedback. Staying motivated is the biggest challenge when you are working remotely because you are more present and focused in the office environment. A reliable network connection is another challenge that you face because fast and reliable network connection is very important to download files and do the work faster. You must set goals and deadlines for your work and start working.

When you work remotely, effective communication between team members is very important to work efficiently. There are many software apps available to communicate and manage your office work, but you should choose these tools wisely. Google chrome is the most used browser; Google Chrome extensions are available, which helps to organize tasks and improve productivity. Many chrome extensions are available, but the most common extension which helps you to improve productivity.

Chrome Remote Desktop:

When you want to share the screen of your computer, Chrome Remote Desktop provides a connection between remote computers. It’s a great tool to check or control other computers. It’s a free extension, so you don’t need to spend money to use it. It is easy to set up, you just need a chrome browser, and you can easily install it. It is easy to use, but it does not provide the facility of the chat and file transfer.

Zoom Scheduler:

If you or your organization don’t want to use zoom for video collaboration, you can rely on Zoom Scheduler. When you include a zoom schedule, you can start a session with or without a video. Google Calendar helps you to schedule meetings and pick the option accordingly. You can also send the link to participants to join the forum.


The chrome office extension provides quick access to all online apps of Word and Excel to PowerPoint. These are the online versions of word, excel, and PowerPoint. After installing the extension, an icon appears in the dialogue box, and then you can select the appropriate choice. It also provides the facility to open locally stored documents by the relevant app.

Checker Plus for Google Drive:

People can choose a wide selection of chrome extensions if they are using Google’s G Suite. Checker Plus for Google drive provides the facility of file maintenance tasks without accessing the Google drive. When you install the extension it displays the linked drive’s content. We can open, edit, and rename the file without opening the google drive. Checker Plus for Gmail and Checker plus for Google calendar is also available.


Papier extension is used to take note, short, long memos that are stored within chrome itself. After installing when we open it displays a blank sheet and it also counts the words, character. We can also access the settings which provide the formatting option.

Stay Focused:

Stay Focused is the best extension to increase productivity because it helps you to restrict the use of the wasting website. Once you set the time and use the allotted time it blocks the website for the rest of the day.


If you are a writer, Grammarly is the best option to make sure that your writing doesn’t have grammatical mistakes. If you are a writer, blogger, and copywriter you can easily use Grammarly.


LastPass provides password management; it saves your password and gives you access to your laptop. You don’t need to remember the password; this is the best solution, which also provides the suggestion for a weak or strong password.

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