The Most Popular Sports in the world

The thrill, excitement, and suspense, sports brings is a testament to their great effects on people. For a long time, humans have basked in the delight of fanciful enjoyment, thanks to the enjoyable and unifying bond of emotional links that it has created in our minds and hearts. A tool of socio-economic change, sports has done more than making us entertained; it has assisted in building one of the most vibrant economic frameworks the world has seen. A case is the 1914 Christmas day truce, where both antagonist parties left all differences aside to enjoy a great game of world football. That was a charitable and kind gesture amid so much aggression.

In some of the world’s most flourished economies, revenue generated from entertaining sports events has helped increase the countries economic progress. Proof of this fact is the influence sport has had on the Gross Domestic Revenue (GDP) of the US. According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Examination, revenue generated from professional sports is responsible for almost 1% of its GDP, thus organizing the face of 21st-century finance.

There exist various kinds of sports, and we have represented conclusively, the most popular sports in the world during 2020.

Our ranking is based on the estimated amount of fans, including worldwide audience reach (TV views), online fame (social media and search findings), endorsement deals, gender equality, and athletes’ incomes.


Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. Golf has a predicted fan base of about 450 million people all over the world. The sport is mostly played in Western Europe, North America, and East Asian areas. The website states that around 441 million golf rounds were played in the United States during 2019. Golf receives all over the world sponsorships from high brands such as Cadillac, BMW Rolex, Nike, Adidas, and many others.

Intresting Information about Women Sports


Rugby is a sport whose players are of both genders males and females, it is a sport that has been able to attract as many as 10 million players all around the world. The just-concluded Rugby world cup in Japan got a lot of attention online as many countries make records and history surprising upsets. The grandest tournament in rugby attains the best names in the world of rugby, as well as high brands that devote important funds in sponsorship. That’s why rugby is also considered the most popular sport in the world.

Brands such as Heineken, Master Card, DHL, Emirates, and Toshiba, who funded the 2019 Rugby World Cup, help in establishing the fame base of the game. Rugby players also earn a noticeable sum of cash, with the highest-paid player getting as much as $1.4 million as an annual salary. Furthermore, rugby is a linked sport just like American football. The Super Bowl assists in improving its fame. Los Angeles Times stated in 2020, the Super Bowl LIV got 99.9 million views in the United States only.


Baseball, specifically the Major League Baseball (MLB), the most of baseball leagues worldwide, has around 500 million fans worldwide. In a test of sex equality, male players unfortunately are the ones who dominate the sport. Baseball gets sponsorships from top-class brands such as Chevrolet, Master cards, and Papa John’s. The highest-paid baseball participant gets as much as $38 in one year.


It is one of the most played sports in America, Basketball is one of the most discussed sports in the world at the latest. That is because certain high profile figures in the greatest basketball league in the globe, the National Basketball Association (NBA), have published their opinion in favor of protesters in Hong Kong. The consequence was the loss of billions of dollars as a result of many Chinese brands canceling agreements with the NBA. This controversy, which has been a shock to the world of sports, shows how famous basketball is in all parts of the world.

Basketball is a game that is broadly followed by about 825 million fans across the globe. The sport also has its many female leagues globally, which also gets a lot of media focus. Basketball fans can agree to the fact that brands are likely to spend millions of dollars in advertising deals with top basketball participants. A few times these deals have continued even after the players were retired, as seen in the Michael Jordan’s and LeBron James shoe deal with Nike. The top-paid basketball player receives almost $92 million in a year.

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